Wednesday Night Live


Wednesday Night Live (WNL) starts September 7

WNL is our affectionate name for an evening of coordinated programming where all ages can be equipped in discipleship and where we remember that we belong to one another!


There is something for everyone, and we hope you will join us!  For any questions, please contact Amy Carlan at 


5:00-6:30 Fellowship Hall for Bring-Your-Own-Dinner.

Bring whatever you like and enjoy conversation with others also gathered!  In addition, three Wednesdays we will provide a simple meal for all ages to enjoy (donations accepted).

- September 7 - Pizza & Fruit 
- October 5 - TBD
- November 2 - TBD 

5:45 - 7:15 Childcare (Infant through 2 years old).

Check-in in the Gallery by the Preschool Hallway.

5:30-6:15 Youth Ringers (Middle and High school students).


6:00-7:00 Mustard Seeds (Preschool, 3 and 4 year olds).  Check-in at the Gallery by the Preschool Hallway.

6:00-7:00 Mountain Top Kids (Elementary).

Kids, can choose one of two tracks: Children’s Choir or Service.  Please note that choir starts at 5:50. See more information in the Children's section below.  Check-in in the Gallery and then go to the Mountain Top (3rd floor).

6:00-7:15 Middle School Youth Group.

Check in at B-100 (Building B)

6:30-8:00 Adult Choir in the Sanctuary

6:00-7:00 Equip Opportunities for Adults

- Volunteer to work with kids or Youth!

- Training Classes in A211 (September 7, October 5, and November 2). These are also the evening we have dinner in the Fellowship Hall! 

- Men’s Bible Study in A212

- Small Groups. Contact Amy Carlan for more information.

      - Hunter:  A222
      - Mehaffey: A207

Program Details

Childcare is available for babies, crawlers, and toddlers (through 2 years).

Our childcare workers delight in showering your children with loving care and attention. All childcare workers will be masked and follow careful safety procedures. Please check your child in the Gallery area at one of the kiosks. A childcare worker will take your child to his/her room. You will check-out and pick up your child in the Gallery as well.  One-time registration is required: see registration button above.

Mustard Seeds is a beloved program for preschoolers, 3 to 5 years of age.

Children sing worship songs, memorize Scripture, and have fun learning about Jesus’ love. One-time registration is required: see registration button above.

Mountain Top Kids - Elementary kids can pick one of two tracks, depending on their interests and unique learning styles. One-time registration is required: see registration button above.

- Choir Track: These children will go to Children’s Choir from 5:50-6:30 (please note that it starts 10 minutes earlier!). From 6:30-7:00, they will join the kids in the service track in Room 307 for the lesson.

- Studio Track: These children will start and end in Room 307. From 5:50-6:00, they will play games while kids arrive and then they will do various service projects around church or learn about our missional partners. From 6:30-7:00, they will join the kids in the choir track for the lesson.

Youth Ringers is a Handbell ringing ensemble for middle and high school students. Contact Susan Orgain at for more information.

Middle School students will gather in B100 for high energy games, worship, and interactive study of Scripture. Get ready for a wild night of learning to love Jesus. One-time registration is required (see registration button above)

Sanctuary Choir starts at 6:30pm. We are thankful for the ways the choir helps lead us in worship. More voices are always welcome!  No registration is needed.  Contact Michael Dodds at for more information.

Men’s Small Group is open to all men. Drop in any week in A212. No registration necessary. The group is led by Chris Miller and Carlo Castaneda.

Training Classes - open to all!
Each year, the new elders and deacons go through a season of training before they start their service. That training continues with once-a-month classes throughout their first year of serving as elders and deacons. We’d like to invite everyone to join in these classes this fall, Wednesday from 6-7pm in Room A211. Happy note: these are the dates we will offer an options simple dinner in the Fellowship Hall from 5:00-6:00pm. 
- September 7 - Missional Living 
- October 5 - Pastoral Care & Servant Leadership
- November 2 - Stewardship of All of Life

Wednesday evenings is also a time some of our small groups meet. If you’d like more information about small groups, please contact