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Do I Need A Parking Sticker Or Pass?

  • No sticker or parking pass is required on Sunday mornings.
  • Covenant partners who expect to use our parking during the week – for meetings or programs — should stop by the church office to get a parking sticker to display on their windshield, which provides parking for any of the three lots.
  • Visitors attending a church event during the week who do not have a parking sticker can obtain a temporary parking pass from the church office.  Ongoing programs, such as The MomCo or Women’s Bible Study, provide each participant a parking pass to display on their car dash.

We Have Three Distinct Parking Lots


South Lot

Entrances on Marshall and Cherry Street


North Lot

Entrance on Marshall Street


North Lot

Entrance on Cherry Street


Staff Lot

Entrance on Marshall Street

Douglas Parking-Manages Our Parking Lots

Douglas Parking now manages our parking lots and nearby parking decks on Cherry Street, as of April 1, a change from another firm we used for many years.

Because we do not use our parking capacity fully during the week, Douglas rents parking spots to others, on either a monthly or daily basis. Church activities always get priority.

We also have access to the Cherry Street parking deck on Sunday mornings and after hours during the week. You can park there at no charge while attending church activities during those times. On Sunday mornings the exit lane is open (even though you pull a ticket upon entering), and during the week you can get your parking ticket validated at the church.

Covenant Partners with a sticker or parking pass can park in any of the lots, regardless of the “Monthly Parking Only” signs.


Douglas Parking Personnel, When They Monitor Our Parking Lots, Look For:

First Presbyterian Church parking sticker

First Presbyterian temporary parking pass (which will typically specify the time period covered)

Downtown paying customers, either monthly or daily, using the kiosk or app

Any others are liable to get a parking citation from Douglas.  The church is not involved in parking lot monitoring, issuing citations, or collection of parking fees.