Our church partners with the Presbyterian Church of Zagazig, which is affiliated with the ECO Synod of the Nile.

For more information concerning PCOZ or Synod of the Nile, contact to get connected with the Egypt Partnership Team.

The Outreach Foundation is also a helpful source to find updates and needs from our friends in Egypt.


Although trips are currently on pause due to the global pandemic, we believe that God is still on the move in Egypt. In the future, we hope to resume short-term trips to Zagazig. Here are the opportunities that typically exist within this partnership:

Vision Trip: Come and see God at work in Egypt! Led by the Outreach Foundation, this relationship-centered trip focuses on encouraging and being encouraged by the leaders and churches throughout Egypt.

Traveling Care Team: This small team will represent First Presbyterian Church for our annual “family reunion” in Zagazig. In general, membership of this team involves a commitment of 2-3 years of annual travel and builds off of the Vision Trip. Travel expenses for this team will be covered by the church.


From Matthew Hornaday, member of the Egypt Partnership Team and First Presbyterian Covenant Partner:

Prayer Requests:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Rollout to medical workers throughout Egypt will begin the week of 1/25/21.  The vaccine distributed in Egypt is 50% effective.  Pray the vaccine rollout is fair and effective.
  • Connection with Women: Terri is going to connect with Gina Amgad (Waseem's wife) about connecting and praying with women of the Zagazig church.  Pray for walls to be broken down (communication, time, language), and for Terri and Gina (+ other women) to connect in a consistent and meaningful way.
  • In Person Church: The church was reopened for in-person worship on 1/17/21.  All activities except children's church, are now in person (with COVID-19 safety precautions in place).  Pray for the health and safety of the congregation.


  • Videos: Prior to Christmas, the church purchased new video equipment with help from our 2020 church funding.  The purpose of the video equipment is to better equip the church to connect with their church during COVID-19 and share the gospel with non-believers via their evangelism ministry.  Waseem and Pastor Wael produced two video worship services for their New Year's celebration and Christmas celebration, which reached over 5,000 people on Facebook.  Churches from other nearby regions saw the videos and contacted the church to collaborate to make an Easter video, which they are currently working to produce.  One of the two videos the church produced will be published with English subtitles on Facebook soon.
  • Bus: On January 1st, the church used the church bus (which our church helped them purchase in 2019) to tour Sunday School children's homes.  The church asked each family to provide gifts the church could provide to orphans.  Little did the kids know that Santa Claus was on the church bus and after gifts were collected, Santa Claus left gifts for each of the children from the church!  (Egypt celebrates Christmas on January 7th.)

dominican republic

Mission Emanuel is a long-time ministry partner First Pres. Through Mission Emanuel, we have the opportunity to serve our friends in the small communities of Cielo and Nazaret in the Dominican Republic. Mission Emanuel aims to transform communities through the power of Jesus Christ through short-term mission work and relational ministry.

For more information, visit the website linked above or contact


All Church Trip | Stay Tuned For 2021 Dates

Ever thought about going on the Dominican Republic mission trip? We would love to have you. This trip is for all ages, married and single, kids and adults. We will do construction, paint, hold VBS, help in the medical clinic, spend time with the women’s co-op, visit in the community and more.

Women’s Trip | Stay Tuned For 2021 Dates

We hope you will consider being a part of this life changing, fun filled week as we share time with our sisters in the DR! Our primary focus is sharing the gospel through fellowship, bible study, rice and beans ministry, building lifelong relationships, and much, much more!

Fall Open Trip | Stay Tuned For October 2021

We invite First Pres Covenant Partners to come and serve in the Dominican every fall! Whether it’s teaching, building, medical, dental, or other, come and use your passions, presence, and skills to invest in God’s kingdom work in the DR.


From Margaret Wray, Mission Emanuel board member and First Presbyterian Covenant Partner

  • During COVID-19, Mission Emanuel’s ministries are operational, however, American staff are not able to travel to the Dominican. Pray for them as they continue to support the ministries from abroad.
  • Education is virtual and not face-to-face. Mission Emanuel has provided computers for the teachers and faculty. Internet connections are often unreliable. Pray for the teachers and students as they continue to learn and navigate the complexities of virtual learning.
  • Many in the communities are experiencing financial instability and loss of employment. Pray for those impacted by these additional challenges at this time.
  • Short-term trips are currently postponed, which has delayed projects such as home building. Pray for those who are awaiting assistance and provision in this way.


Our church partners with Haiti Outreach Ministries. HOM aims to “share the gospel with the people of Haiti through evangelism, education, and medical care.”

For more information concerning Haiti Outreach Ministries, contact or visit the website linked above.


Short-term trips are currently postponed due to the global pandemic.

First Pres has previously been involved in short-term mission work in Haiti, having helped to rebuild after the devastating hurricane in 2012. Since then the partnership with HOM’s church and school have grown, medical teams have traveled and provided care, and a team from FPC helped to dig a well, providing clean water for the community.


From David Rainey, a HOM board member and a First Presbyterian Covenant Partner:

  • The church, educational, and medical ministries continue despite the fact that short-term trips have been canceled for the previous two years due to political unrest and the global pandemic. Pray for the individuals in Haiti who continue to provide and receive the fruits of HOM’s reach.
  • Financial, political, and medical insecurities abound. Pray for God’s comfort and peace to surround the people of Haiti in these uncertain and challenging times and that they would continue to remain faithful through it.