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Equip Sunday School



9:30 AM
The Message of Isaiah | Room A-208
Throughout the centuries the book of Isaiah has been called “the Fifth Gospel.” Isaiah talks about Jesus almost as much as the gospels! Isaiah also helps us to see the whole picture of salvation history, connecting the Old Testament to the New Testament. It gives us vivid and marvelous glimpses into God’s future for us—a future that makes our hearts ache with longing and hope.

Open Circle | Room A-215
Open Circle is a class with the goal of creating community during Sunday morning, and beyond, by providing time for small group sharing, prayer time, and by providing interactive and substantive Biblical teaching. All are welcome any Sunday.

Discipleship Class | Room A-212
Join the Discipleship class for an in-depth discussion of the book of Genesis. This class meets year-round.

11:00 AM
Romans |  Room A-211
This class will be studying the first half of Romans during the Fall term and will continue with the second half of Romans during the Winter/Spring term. Romans is full of rich truth and theology. In it, Paul explores the fallen state of creation and God’s action to redeem it, including humanity, to an unmarred relationship with God. Class begins with a devotional, sharing prayer requests, and prayer.

Adult Bible Study | Room A-216
This class will be studying Paul’s letters to the church at Thessalonica (1 and 2 Thessalonians), as well as the letters of the apostle John (1 John, 2 John, and 3 John). Though short, these letters contain rich wisdom about God’s love and God’s ways. Class includes teaching by rotating teachers and rich discussion.