A maturing disciple is someone who has said “yes” to God’s love in Jesus Christ and has become an apprentice of Jesus. Our apprenticeship is a lifelong journey of transformation to become like Jesus through the Spirit, growing to love the Triune God above all else and loving others and creation as Jesus does.  While discipleship cannot be limited to a program, there are ways that we can order our lives together and individually that will create room for the Holy Spirit to transform us. We call these the “building blocks” of discipleship: education, community, practices, and joining God’s mission. For more on all four of the building blocks, check out our Discipleship Booklet.

Fall 2020

Classes starting September 13

This fall, a number of our regular classes will be meeting by Zoom, joining other classes, or continuing with a break.  In addition, we have 3 new short-term virtual classes that will be meeting.   The options are so good, you might have a difficult time choosing which one to participate in!  All Zoom classes will seek to be connective and interactive.  Please contact Amy Carlan if you need help connecting, or want additional details.

If you are interested in participating in a fall Sunday School class, please fill out our interest form to receive the Zoom link.

Open CLasses

Dr. Cathy McDowell's Class

Description:  We are excited that Dr. Cathy McDowell has joined First Pres as a covenant partner, and is willing to share her God-given gifts and wisdom with us.  Cathy is the Associate Professor of Old Testament at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  This fall she will be leading a Sunday school, via Zoom, on the book The Drama of Scripture (if you need help purchasing a book, contact  Not only is Cathy a Bible scholar, but she is well versed in making Zoom classes interactive and connective.  Most importantly, she loves Jesus.  This new class is a wonderful opportunity to connect and grow in the Lord. 

Missional Task Force Book Discussion: “The Road to Missional”

  • Format:  Zoom; 9:30-10:20am.  Contact Amy Carlan for Zoom invitation 
  • Study: Book study on The Road to Missional by Michael Frost 
  • Dates: September 13- November
  • Teaching Team: Missional Task Force

Description:   Mission is not a program of the church; it is the purpose of the church. Beginning in April 2019, First Presbyterian Church has entered a time to discern and clarify our missional identity, priorities, and goals as a church, led by the Missional Task Force.  As part of this discernment, the MTF has been reading The Road to Missional and would like to invite everyone to read along and discuss (if you need help purchasing a book, contact  This is a great opportunity to participate in a vital and church-wide discussion. 


  • Format:  Zoom;  9:30-10:20am.  Contact Amy Carlan for zoom invitation.  
  • Study:   The book of Daniel 
  • Dates: September 13 – November 8 
  • Teaching Team:  The pastors – Heather, Mike, Amy, and Peter  

Description:   The pastors are excited to offer a new, virtual, short-term Sunday school class this fall.  The class will be offered through Zoom and yet also seek to be interactive and connective.  In September and October, while Peter is preaching about “Politics, Polarization, and our Christian Witness” we will study Daniel as a companion.  Daniel provides an example of someone who knew himself to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom who was also engaged in the politics and government of his exiled land.  While our context is different from Daniel’s, we will ask the Lord to teach us through Daniel’s life.  More than anything, we will seek to marvel at the God who Daniel served, whom we also have the joy to follow and love. 

Adult Bible Study

  • Format:  Zoom; 10:00-10:45am.  Contact Eric Hoyle (email linked here) or Zoom invitation.  
  • Study:  The Gospel according to John
  • Dates:  New study begins September 13.  Continues through spring 2021
  • Programming Team:  Eric & Grace Hoyle, Rick Wesley 
  • Teaching Team:  Eight to ten class members who rotate weekly

Description:   Our name is pretty self-explanatory: we are adults that study the Bible together.  But to give you a bit more detail, our class is largely composed of adults with 60 or more years of wisdom.  A prepared class participant teaches, but others are always welcome to jump in with questions and thoughts.  We are always eager to include more people and often have new people join. Please come and visit virtually!

New Covenant Partner Class

  • Format:  In-person and Zoom options |  9-9:50 am
    Contact Amy Carlan for additional details. 
  • Dates:  October 4, 11, 18, and 25
  • Teaching Team:   Amy Carlan & Davin Thomsen Tang

Description:   If you have discovered your spiritual home at FPC, this class is designed to help you discern if God is calling you to become a covenant partner (member). We believe that becoming a covenant partner will be a blessing to both the new covenant partner and the whole congregation, as we purposefully choose to live the life of discipleship together & partner in Jesus’ mission.  The classes cover 1) What it means to be part of God’s family; 2) What it means to be Presbyterian; 3) What it means to be a part of First Pres, W-S.  During the final class candidates will meet with an elder to share their faith journey in a small group format, and answer the four covenant partner vows as a large group.    Can’t make it to every class? Please sign up anyway! Materials will be provided for the class you need to miss.