Sunday School 2019-2020

A maturing disciple is someone who has said “yes” to God’s love in Jesus Christ and has become an apprentice of Jesus. Our apprenticeship is a lifelong journey of transformation to become like Jesus through the Spirit, growing to love the Triune God above all else and loving others and creation as Jesus does.  While discipleship cannot be limited to a program, there are ways that we can order our lives together and individually that will create room for the Holy Spirit to transform us. We call these the “building blocks” of discipleship: education, community, practices, and joining God’s mission. For more on all four of the building blocks, check out our Discipleship Booklet.

Sunday school is a great way to engage in the building block of education.  The goal is not only gathering information, but to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. In particular, education invites us to see real reality – not just to learn true facts, but to actually see reality in a totally different way. The primary material for this transformation is Scripture.

Conversations With God: Praying Your Life Into God's Love

Meets in A-215
Contact | Frank McNair
January 12-May
Everyone welcome | Drop in anytime

Conversations with God is the winter/spring short-term class.    We meet in A215. The best reason to come starts with a question: Do you long for a richer, more-intimate relationship with God? Join us as we learn and practice praying our deepest longings. We’ll explore praying the truth of our lives – joy or desolation, adoration or despair – into God’s loving heart. The class will include a brief time of instruction and will include adequate time to actually pray. You will not be required to pray aloud. Drop in any Sunday. 

Common Ground

Meets in A-211
Contact | Amy Carlan
Everyone welcome | Drop in anytime

Common Ground is a discussion-based class: we’ll talk together about how Scripture applies to our daily lives.  We are also relationally-oriented: we’ll have time each week to connect. Each class stands alone, so drop in any Sunday.  In January we will start a “Common Vocab,” study, exploring some of the major words/themes from Scripture. During Lent, we’ll discuss the church’s Lenten small group guide. 

Practicing Presence

Meets in the Chapel

Beginning this fall, we will open up the chapel as a contemplative space for people to listen to, and learn to listen to, the Lord.  Contemplative tools will be provided, including reflections on Scripture and explanations of ways to engage in prayer.

Justice in Jesus

Meets in A211 (through Sept 1), then A217 (school year)
Contact | David and Callie Brown

The purpose of this class is to together join God’s mission of reconciliation and redemption of everything, through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 5:18-19).  

We join God’s mission as we demonstrate the gospel by telling people about forgiveness and life in Jesus through our conversations, in individual acts of service, and working against systemic injustice.  While all three aspects of joining God’s mission are vital for individuals and a local church, this class largely largely focuses on one of the foundational elements of joining God’s mission: seeking and doing justice as a demonstration of God’s Kingdom.  Justice “in its most directly biblical formation can best be described as setting things right.”   

We are a Spirit-led community learning to do justice through:

  • Engaging with Scripture
  • Discussion about current events rooted in historical context 
  • Mutual encouragement
  • Prayer and personal reflections
  • Seeking and sharing resources

For more information, see the Justice in Jesus Guiding Document.

Students of the Word

Meets in A-208                                                                                              
Contacts | Billy Rice, Scott Herman, Scott Wray, Jeanette Wilhelmi

Students of the Word meets in A208. Younger, older, single, married, with kids, without kids…you’ll find all those demographics and more in Students of the Word.  Our commonality is that we enjoy in-depth teaching so that we may love and follow our Savior more dearly. A prepared facilitator guides discussion about Scripture and how we apply God’s truth and grace to our lives.   We hope you’ll join us!

Eagles Wings

Meets in the Fellowship Hall
Contact |  Mary and Jim Johnson; Joe Moore

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31). The goal of our class is to encourage one another to hope in the Lord!  We encourage each other through worship, prayer, and in-depth teaching. We alternate between Old and New Testament books. Our class is one of our more multi-generational classes.  People of all ages and all stages of the spiritual journey are welcomed.

Discipleship Class

Meets in A-219
Contact | Karen Rudolph

We are a class of singles and couples of all ages who enjoy sharing, studying, and teaching of God’s Word, on the Patriarchs, and on historical events in an open dialog while growing in Christ and our love for each other through fellowship.

Covenant Class

Meets in the Gallery Lounge
Contact | Bill Mandakis

Sixty years ago, our class was the “young adult class.”   These days, we are adults with 70 or more years of wisdom.  Our main teacher, Bill Mandakis, leads us through a variety Bible studies and Biblical topics.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Adult Bible Study

Meets in A-216
Contact | Elms Allen & Rick Wesley

Our name is pretty self-explanatory: we are adults that study the Bible together.  But to give you a bit more detail, our class is largely composed of adults with 60 or more years of wisdom.  A prepared facilitator teaches, but others are always welcome to jump in with questions and thoughts.  We are always eager to include more people and often have new people join. Please come and visit (except in the summer, when we take a break!).

New Covenant Partner Class

Contact | Amy Carlan

2020 Sunday series: March 8, 15, 22 & 29 in A211

2020 Saturday blitz:  June 6, 9:00-11:45am in Gallery Lounge