Small Groups

Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

Community: A Building Block Of Discipleship

A maturing disciple is someone who has said “yes” to God’s love in Jesus Christ and has become an apprentice of Jesus. Our apprenticeship is a lifelong journey of transformation to become like Jesus through the Spirit, growing to love the Triune God above all else and loving others and creation as Jesus does.  Discipleship starts before we take our first breath and continues until we finally see Jesus face-to-face. It involves the totality of life: all our choices, attitudes, actions, thoughts, and habits. While discipleship cannot be limited to a program, there are ways that we can order our lives together and individually that will create room for the Holy Spirit to transform us. We are calling these the “building blocks” of discipleship:  education, community, practices, and joining God’s mission.  For more on all four of the building blocks, see here.  Discipleship Booklet

Small Groups are an excellent way to engage in the building block of community.  Community is the place in which we learn and practice loving God and neighbor. It is the place in which we encourage each other in the Lord, bear one another’s burdens, and engage in education and spiritual practices together.

Interested In Joining Or Starting A Small Group?

Please contact Amy Carlan at 723-1621 x228  to talk about the various opportunities that exist for small groups.

Small Group Leaders Needed!

As it currently stands we don’t require our small groups to be always open to new participants. Instead, each small group decides when to welcome new participants so that the small groups can stay small. When someone tells me they want to join a group, I contact leaders of groups to ask if any are ready for more participants. I also ask people if they are interested in leading, and if they are, we work together to form a new group.

Right now, our greatest need is for being who are willing to be small group leaders since most of our current groups are at capacity. The word “leader” can sound daunting, but don’t let it keep you from following the Spirit’s promptings. If you feel the tug to be a leader, please let me know. Training is provided and we’ll work together to get your group up and running. Contact Amy Carlan if God is calling you in this area.

For Small Group Leaders – Resources

The Resource Room is full of a variety of good study materials, appropriate for small groups, classes, or individuals.  It is located on the second floor of Building A, across from the library.  Everyone is welcome to visit, browse, preview, and check out curriculum.  Check-out is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The documents below detail our current inventory:

Resource Room Curriculum MASTER by author

Resource Room Curriculum MASTER by subject

Resource Room Curriculum MASTER by title