mops and momsnext

Join us this year for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and MOMSNEXT (mothers with children elementary school age and older). We will all meet together and will help each other learn to “Decide to Rise”—our theme this year. As always, MOPS encourages spiritual growth for women as mothers, leaders, and children of God.

The FALL and SPRING of the 2020/21 year is not our typical MOPs format as we will not be able to meet as a whole group. Instead, we have individual tables (small groups) meeting off-campus.  We pray for a time in the near future when we can gather again as a larger group in the Fellowship Hall of 1st Pres.


Registration for the 20/21 year is closed.


General Questions About MOPS at First Pres | Contact Tara Yale at 704-450-1394

Financial Assistance | Contact Amy Carlan, 723-1621 x228

To learn more about MOPS, visit the MOPS page


An international organization designed for mothers of young children; pregnant, first-time mothers are welcome too!

A place to learn Biblical principles that help you in your life as a woman and a mother.

A place for women to make new friends, share experiences, and laugh together.


Year-long discussion groups where you will get to know a smaller group of women to share with and encourage one another at each meeting.

Organized play dates and moms’ night outs.

A yummy brunch and coffee to enjoy at every meeting.

Speakers who will encourage you in your role as a wife and mom.

Fun crafts and how-to’s sprinkled throughout the year.

A whole lot of fun, laughter, and support!