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Develop a clear path of discipleship and engagement

a. Analyze the challenges people face in becoming a part of our community of faith and develop a clear path for entry, follow-up, exploration, and membership/covenant partnership to become fully engaged in our community, tracking the assimilation of new covenant partners.

b. Clearly identify what we want children and youth to know, believe, experience, become, and do with their faith as they enter key transition points in the church’s ministry and in life, and develop a plan to implement it. This should include the Arc of Scripture (the storyline of the Bible) to be covered for all grades.

c. Intentionally work with the children’s and youth ministries to ensure proper and effective transitions at all grade levels in order to keep students engaged in their faith and in community.

d. Develop a plan for discipleship for adult participants and covenant partners who span levels of spiritual maturity and different ages and stages which focuses on what every maturing Christian should know, believe, experience, become, and do.



June 2019 Update

We continue to live into our Discipleship Philosophy and Building Blocks.

In particular in the past year, we have implemented short-term Sunday school classes with two goals in mind 1) The systematic catechesis (teaching) of the basics of the faith; 2) Engaging people not already plugged into Sunday school.

We are also approaching the end of a two-year rotation of focusing on a practice as a congregation every 3-4 months.  Our final practice is gathered worship.

August 2018 Update

The Discipleship Philosophy at First Presbyterian Church will help us transform together into the image of Jesus for the sake of others.

The Discipleship Philosophy is supported by plans for both adult and youth/children discipleship, which has led to new curriculum. These plans are living documents that will evolve to meet the needs of the congregation.

Practices are one building block of discipleship. Study materials are currently available to encourage and support the following practices:

  1. Engaging in scripture
  2. Awareness of God’s presence
  3. Generosity
  4. Rest and retreat

Short-term Sunday School classes started this summer with Gospel Fluency. Tim Norton will teach another this fall and spring called Casket Empty. These short-term classes have provided another way to connect with different people at First Pres.

January 2018 Update

  • TEAM 1 is analyzing the challenges people face in becoming a part of the church community (barriers, communication, and assimilation) – This team will be combined with the Hospitality  Team under Improve the Ways We Connect and Relate
  • TEAM 2 has focused on developing a plan for adult discipleship.  A discipleship philosophy was created and “building blocks” of discipleship were produced. Study material has been printed and disseminated. An example of one of the materials is entitled “Engaging with Scripture”
  • TEAM 3 has developed a plan for children and youth  discipleship.  Specific goals were produced and a children and youth discipleship model has been created