Education: A Building Block of Discipleship

A maturing disciple is someone who has said “yes” to God’s love in Jesus Christ and has become an apprentice of Jesus. Our apprenticeship is a lifelong journey of transformation to become like Jesus through the Spirit, growing to love the Triune God above all else and loving others and creation as Jesus does.  Discipleship starts before we take our first breath and continues until we finally see Jesus face-to-face. It involves the totality of life: all our choices, attitudes, actions, thoughts, and habits. While discipleship cannot be limited to a program, there are ways that we can order our lives together and individually that will create room for the Holy Spirit to transform us. We are calling these the “building blocks” of discipleship:  education, community, practices, and joining God’s mission.  For more on all four of the building blocks, see here.  Discipleship Booklet

Sunday school is a great way to engage in the building block of education.  The goal is not only gathering information, but to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. In particular, education invites us to see real reality – not just to learn true facts, but to actually see reality in a totally different way. The primary material for this transformation is Scripture.

The following is a list of all classes currently available, and includes the classroom location. See classroom maps below for assistance.

Justice in Jesus –  Meets in A-217.  

Justice in Jesus Conversations is a casual group of adults who discuss the intersection of faith and action. Guided by book study, we have thoughtful discussions regarding justice issues in our community and across the world.  Our current conversations have been about race and justice.  We welcome visitors, casual attenders and regular attenders of all ages and stages of life! contact Julie Lanford for more info.

Students of the Word – Meets in A-208

Younger, older, single, married, with kids, without kids…you’ll find all those demographics and more in Students of the Word.  Our commonality is that we enjoy in-depth teaching so that we may love and follow our Savior more dearly.  A prepared facilitator guides discussion about Scripture and how we apply God’s truth and grace to our lives.  We hope you’ll join us!

Foundations  Meets in  A-211 

Foundations make all the difference between a building that can weather storms and the one that will crumble.  The “Foundations” class is designed to help us build our lives on the ultimate foundation, Jesus Christ, by studying Scripture and encouraging one another.

Our current format is interactive teaching and discussion.  Mostly we are parents with small children, but all people are welcome!

The Crisper Drawer  – Meets in the Chapel Lounge (A-207)

The crisper drawer in a refrigerator is designed to keep things fresh.   The “Crisper Drawer” class is designed to do the same thing – to keep our walks with God and our family lives fresh and flavorful through study and mutual encouragement.

Our format is a short video followed by facilitated discussion.  Mostly we are parents with children in Elementary School, but all people are welcomed!

Eagle’s Wings  – Meets in the Fellowship Hall

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31). The goal of our class is to encourage one another to hope in the Lord!  We encourage each other through worship, prayer, and in-depth teaching.  We alternate between Old and New Testament books.  Our class is one of our more multi-generational classes.  People of all ages and all stages of the spiritual journey are welcomed.

 Discipleship Class – Meets in A-219

We are a class of singles and couples of all ages who enjoy sharing, studying, and teaching of God’s Word, on the Patriarchs, and on historical events in an open dialog while growing in Christ and our love for each other through fellowship.

Covenant Class – Meets in the Gallery Lounge

Sixty years ago, our class was the “young adult class.”   These days, we are adults with 70 or more years of wisdom.  Guest teachers lead us through a variety Bible studies and Biblical topics.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Wanderers – Meets in A-215  

Our class enjoys video-based lessons, lively discussion, and Starbucks coffee (available each Sunday right in our room!).  Though our name says we “wander” our goal is to encourage each other and we wander closer to Jesus.  This spring we are studying the video series Gospel in Life by Tim Keller and then we will be learning about spiritual gifts.  Generally, we are parents with elementary and middle school children, but all are welcome.

 Adult Bible Study  – Meets in A-216  

Our name is pretty self-explanatory: we are adults that study the Bible together.  But to give you a bit more detail, our class is largely composed of adults with 60 or more years of wisdom.  This spring, we are taking an in-depth look at the book of Matthew.  A prepared facilitator teaches, but others are always welcome to jump in with questions and thoughts.  We are always eager to include more people and often have new people join.  Please come and visit (except in the summer, when we take a break!).

Women’s Class – Meets in A-222  

Our class is designed to be a safe place for women from various backgrounds, regardless of marital status or age. Our goal is to come together to study and encourage each other as daughters of God.   This fall we are studying the Heidelberg Catechism.  All women are welcomed to participate

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