Sunday, April 30 | Everyday Jesus: Jesus in our Work | Genesis 2:4-8:16

When God chose to bless humanity with the gift of the Garden of Eden, He demonstrated the wisdom not to turn them into spoiled children. So He gave them a job to do in order to build a sense of responsibility. Paradise was no fairyland; it wasn’t a utopia where they had nothing to do but lay on the beach sipping little drinks with umbrellas in them. Rather, God gave Adam and Eve work to be done. This is an important distinction, because many of us think of work simply as a curse, something that has to be done, or something we’d rather not do. And yet it is clear from Scripture that you and I were made to work. It was a part of the created order before sin entered the world, and in the mind of God work is a good thing. How can we experience Jesus in the everyday business of our work?


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