This Sunday

September 21, 2014

“The Way of the Spirit: The Other Apostle” by Dr. Peter Barnes

Scripture Verses:  Acts 1:12-26

This Sunday:  “EVERY VOICE MATTERS” Worship Service

  • 9:00 am: Begin check-in for Worship and Meeting
  • 9:15 am: Children’s classrooms and nurseries are open
  • 9:30 am: All Church Worship Service in the Worship Center – 1000 Voices Strong!
  • 11:00 am: Congregational Meeting For Denominational Dismissal Vote in the Worship Center
  • 12:15 pm: Snack & Chat
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We’re Glad You’re Here!

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church, in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a congregation, we are Christ-Centered, Faithful in Scripture, Filled with Grace and United in Our Mission to Serve.

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Denominational Discernment:

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