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ublicly-traded securities are a common form of non-cash gifts to the Church. You may find that securities are an attractive option for gifting, because they are often appreciated in value, easily transferred, and usually easily valued for tax deduction purposes. The most common forms of securities gifts are shares of stock, bonds, and mutual funds.

Benefits include:

Immediate income tax deduction
Avoidance of capital gains taxes
Tax deduction based on current market value

Gifts of securities provide a less expensive way for you to give than cash. For example, if you paid $1,000 for your stock five years ago and today’s fair market value for it is $3,000, your gift of that stock will allow you to deduct the full fair market value ($3,000) instead of your cost basis ($1,000). To avoid capital gains taxes, you must transfer the securities, not sell and make the equivalent cash contribution.

How do I make a gift of securities to First Presbyterian Church?

1. Call your broker and ensure they can perform electronic delivery of securities to the Church’s brokerage account.

2. Your broker may request some combination of the following information for our brokerage account:

Broker: Wells Fargo Advisors
Account name: First Presbyterian Church
DTC clearing number: 0141
Account number and Tax ID number can be obtained from the Church

3. Inform the Business Office of the following:

Name and number of securities transferred
Purpose of the gift (i.e., annual pledge or debt reduction)