Youth Ministry Geranium Fundraiser

Please Email Marissa if you are participating in this Fundraiser so that she can send your updates and reminders!

Here is how it works…

We are selling 6” potted geraniums that were raised by Mitchell’s Nursery in King.  Each pot costs $9, and $3 of each sale goes into your mission trip account!

There are 4 colors available:

Sale Dates: February 28– March 26

Pickup Date: Saturday, April 14th – Geraniums will be available for pick up in B-100 from 9 AM—noon.  Students should plan to be able to pick up and deliver all the plants they sell.

Need an Additional Order Form?  Geranium additional order form

If you would be interested in selling geraniums at one of our Info Centers on a Sunday morning, please contact Marissa.

Payment:Please collect payment when you sell the flowers.  Your customers can either pay the church directly (cash or check made out to First Presbyterian Church), or they can pay you, and then you pay for all your orders in one big check or on our website via Paypal.  Either way, your payments are due with your final order on March 26.

Final Orders:

Final orders should be turned in via Google Form on March 2t6h.  We just need your TOTAL order, not individual orders, so that we can make our wholesale order from the nursery.

Turn in your FINAL ORDER here. 

Other Info: 

We have geranium folders available at the church to help you organize and track your orders.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your sales, and your delivery responsibilities.  Your final TOTAL order should be submitted by  March 26th via Google Form.

All students participating in the geranium sale are responsible for:

  • Keeping track of their individual orders (name, color of flower, quantity, delivery address)
  • Turning in payment on March 20th– (you can either turn in individual checks/cash at the church, or pay for entire order via one Paypal Payment on the Youth Payment Page)
  • Picking up your geranium order at the church between 9 AM and noon on Saturday, April 14th.
  • Delivering your orders promptly.

We are also in need of extra volunteer help on Sunday, April 15th to distribute flowers ordered directly from the church.  The youth ministry will donate $30 towards the trip of geranium sale volunteers for each volunteer shift worked!  To volunteer to help with pickup, email Marissa

If you have any questions or want to volunteer, please contact Marissa Joyce.  Thank you and have fun earning money towards your summer trip!