As young adults begin their professional and personal journey, it becomes far too easy to find other things to do than stay connected with a church community. At First Pres, our Young Adult Ministry is designed to be approachable and engaging to men and women aged 22 to their early 30s.

Our philosophy is simple: to connect Biblically and socially. We do this through Bible study and fellowship, supporting one another through prayer and encouragement, and being active in the community and life of First Pres.

For more information, contact Tim Norton, Associate Pastor for Missions.

House: A Weekly Gathering

Calling all men and women (20’s-30’s)–young professionals or graduate students, single or married–who are seeking a group to grow in their faith, to engage in meaningful fellowship, and to be equipped and empowered to live on mission. “House” is dedicated to providing a space for us to encounter + live for Jesus in the everyday stuff of life so that we can be disciples who make disciples.

For more information, contact Tim Norton, Associate Pastor for Missions.