The City of Winston-Salem, City with Dwellings, and other community organizations are working together to open a White Flag Center on extremely cold nights for our neighbors who do not have shelter. There is currently a list of 200 people in our area who have been camping outdoors. Some of the most vulnerable among these have been placed in motels, but there are still over 100 individuals who need winter shelter. The White Flag Center is being created to address this specific need.

First Pres has agreed to provide volunteers for the White Flag Center so, we need your help!

The Center will run from January 4 through March 4 at the Behavioral Health Center Auditorium on Highland Avenue. The Center will be open on nights when the weather is forecasted for freezing temperatures or 38 degrees with precipitation. Dinner will be provided by Samaritan Ministries in to-go boxes. City with Dwellings will staff two monitors who will be present and in charge from 6:30pm to 6:30am. 

The following volunteers are needed: 

1. Check in volunteers: these folks will be on site from 6:30pm for 2-3 hours to greet guests, pass out meal boxes, and help guests get oriented to the Center. We have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ through gracious interactions with the guests during this time. 

2. Meal transportation volunteers: these folks will pick up the pre-packaged meals from Samaritan Ministries around 6:30pm and deliver them to the White Flag Center. Note: this job does not involve guest contact so this could be done by volunteers who need to avoid Covid exposure. 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Jeanette Wilhelmi, 336-403-5569.