Watch Out For Scammers

Here are some suggestions when receiving emails:
  • Be leery of any emails from pastors or church staff that are not from their church email address.
  • Note anything that seems odd (out of character) in tone or greeting within the email. Misspellings or unusual references can be clues that the email is not legitimate.
  • None of our staff will ever ask you for money in an email or invite you to help them by purchasing gift cards for people in need.
  • Do not click on any links in a suspect email. And do not reply.
  • Feel free to contact the person who is identified as “sender” (i.e., the church staff member) if you want to verify that the email is legitimate. Do this via a direct email you send (not by replying to the received email), phone, or text.  Never reply to a suspicious email or click on any link in the email
  • Delete the scammer’s email.
  • Pray for the person who sent the malicious email.