Mission Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go on a mission trip?

  • We go because we worship a God who came to dwell with us, so we know presence matters to Him. Therefore, we go because we know that presence matters in a way that just sending money never could.
  • Because we value long-term missions partnerships. Your presence will help encourage missionaries and ministry partners 1st Pres is committed to developing long-term relationships with!
  • To invest in indigenous leadership, ownership, and creativity! In our mission work, we always want to partner with local leaders and ministers to help them start a movement in their communities.
  • You will get to see a bigger vision of the church and the kingdom. It is incredibly humbling to hear and see how Christ is transforming lives in places we may have never given a second thought. We do not go as “saviors,” but as fellow sojourners and servants who need the grace of God.
  • You will help give locals an image of the larger church and the things going on in the church in other parts of the world. Just as you get to see God’s work in these countries, the locals will also see a vision of a God who reigns over the whole world and desires all peoples to come to worship Him!

Where does 1st Pres currently send mission teams?

We currently send teams to the Dominican Republic, and Egypt. Check out our mission trip page to learn more and get signed up!

What if I don’t speak the language of the country?

The message of Christ’s love transcends language. You will be surprised by how much you can communicate without words! It can also be a great learning experience to not always understand everything that is going on around you. Depending on the trip, we will have translators available to help be our voice in ministering directly with people. By building a great relationship with your translator, it opens the door to better communication and a guide to local culture.

What if I can’t afford the cost?

Mission trips are a significant commitment, and we believe they should cost something! However, we also don’t want cost to be prohibitive–if we believe that mission trips are valuable for the reasons listed above, they shouldn’t just be for those who can afford them!

First Pres gives scholarships to those going on mission trips who have a financial need. Contact Teresa Bobo with any questions.