Combined Worship
June 30-July 28

10am Sunday School
11am All Church Worship
June 30 | Worship Center
July 7 | Sanctuary
July 14 | Sanctuary
July 21 | Worship Center
July 28 | Worship Center

Regular Worship Schedule
Resumes August 4

Why Combined Worship?

The Worship & Music Team, Session, and Staff believe that this short change in our schedule helps us to do two important things:

1. Promote Unity
We sometimes hear that people feel like we are “two churches”:  one that meets in the Sanctuary and one that meets in the Worship Center.  While there is significant crossover between services and a common Sunday school hour, we realize that our worship service schedule and our building constraints can contribute to this sense of dividedness.  Summer gives us the opportunity to be together, and we are eager for this. Our hope is that you will make it a point to connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ, even those you don’t yet know or know well.        

2. Engage in the practice of Gathered Worship
During the past two years, our church has focused on a different spiritual practice every 3-4 months as a means of fostering deeper transformation in Christ.  This summer, our featured practice is gathered worship. Practices, also called spiritual disciplines or habits, are ways in which we open our lives to the Triune God’s transformative work with us, both individually and collectively.  Coming together to worship our Majestic God is an indispensible practice in the Christian life. During the week, we are inundated with various false narratives about the purpose of life, and we are presented with skewed visions of the good life towards which we aim.  In contrast to all that, when we come together to worship, we are formed once again by God’s True Story of Redemption that tells us why we are here, what we are for, and what the true and best picture of the good life really is: life with God for the sake of others!

One of the messages we hear in our culture is that our preferences reign supreme in a world of unlimited choices.  It’s all too easy to soak in that message without realizing it. When we do, we can view worship through a consumeristic lens.  Worship becomes focused on what we get out of it and how we feel, instead of allowing ourselves to be formed by the Lord through it.   It’s not bad to have a heart language when it comes to worship: like connecting more with a traditional style, or with an ancient-modern style, etc.  The Lord made us with different personalities, so our various heart languages make sense. But when we let the style of worship or our feelings and opinions about it become our focus, worship becomes about ourselves. Instead, worship should first be about and for God; secondarily, it is a means to open ourselves to the Lord’s work.  Intentionally mixing up our worship venues and styles this summer is a way to move beyond our preferences, and towards the heart of worship – adoring and being formed by God.

To that end, each week during our summer schedule, these reflection questions will be included in the bulletin:

  • How did God use gathered worship to remind you that you are a part of God’s True Story of redemption?  
  • How did, and does, gathered worship transform you? How does gathered worship shape us as a community?
  • If today’s style of worship was different than one you normally feel drawn to, what did the difference tell you about yourself?  Did you see anything new about God, or experience God in new way?