Advent Christmas Decorating

Volunteers are needed to help decorate the Worship Center & Sanctuary. Sign up below

Decorate with poinsettias on Friday, December 20 | 10am

Meet in the Sanctuary




Boxwood & Magnolia Needed prior to decorating day on December 20

Green Magnolia needed for decorating. Please see photo to the right for reference. (There are different kinds of magnolia. If you have the fuller magnolia where the leaves are in bunches and not spread out flat or spindly, that magnolia is easier to decorate with.  Also, some magnolia has brown spots, we would not be able to use that.) If you have questions, please call Jeanne Nifong at 336-723-1621 x234.  If you are unsure your magnolia can be used, please send a photo to Jeanne Nifong. Thank you!


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What When Total Spots Available Spots
What When Total Spots Available Spots
Fellowship Hall Tree: assemble/decorate smaller prelit treeNovember 26, 201941 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Hang garland and wreaths in Sanctuary on the balcony (make sure garland is hung evenly, wreaths/bows are fluffed and centered)November 26, 201933 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Narthex Tree: Assemble prelit tree, fluff, decorate tree with ornaments & skirt (tall ladder climbing required)November 26, 201943 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Group of at least 3 to meet at the same time to assemble Nativity in the corner hallway area of Building A: Decorate with greeneryNovember 26, 201933 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Worship Center lobby tree: Set up and decorate. Carry 12ft heavy tree from C-106 to WC lobby. Some tall ladder climbing required. (Add bow to top, bronze ornaments, berries, tree skirt)November 26, 201943 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Worship Center: Carry 6 smaller prelit trees and place 3 on each side of the curtain on the stage. No decoration needed. Make sure lights work.November 26, 201921 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Hang wreaths in Worship Center (1 under each screen, make sure wreaths/bows are fluffed & centered. Hooks are already in place.) Hang garland from stageNovember 26, 201944 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Boxwood needed prior to decorating day on 12/20. (please check weather to miss cutting in the rain)December 19, 201944 • Sign up »
Green magnolia needed | Please contact Jeanne Nifong if you have questions about magnoliaDecember 19, 201955 • Sign up »
Decorate with Poinsettias in Worship Center and Sanctuary (meet in sanctuary at 10am)December 20, 2019108 • Sign up »