20/20 Vision Update | September 2018

You should have received a mailer recently that highlighted some of the progress on the strategic plan developed in 2015, 20/20 — Seeing our Future Clearly. The broster – part brochure, part poster – noted that details on all the initiatives are available on the church’s website. There is updated, comprehensive collection of information that you can see by Clicking Here.  The church website is undergoing a refresh, which is an element of the strategic initiative to leverage technology to share our story and engage people in community and learning.

One of the strategic initiatives is to make a comprehensive study of our facility and develop a Facility Master Plan and Building Program which will provide the necessary physical tools our congregation’s needs for ministry and mission. The Facilities Planning Committee has been working for over a year with our architects from Merriman, Holt, and Powell to develop some initial concepts to consider in meeting this goal, and many of you were involved in listening sessions last fall which provided invaluable input. Cost estimates for these initial concepts came back much higher than the committee hoped . At the same time, a feasibility study was conducted in partnership with Whitney Jones, Inc. to determine what the interest and the capacity of the church might be to support a capital campaign with these concepts in mind.  Those results came back much lower than required. Session received this information at its September meeting and has decided to take a pause and enter into a period of prayer and discernment regarding the master plan and any potential capital campaign in the future. At this time, we will not be moving forward with the concepts as initially developed, but we are still hopeful that God has a better plan for us which we haven’t discovered yet. We would invite you to join with the Session in prayer as we seek God’s will for our church.

At the same time, and through some of the work mentioned above, we have discovered that our church could benefit from working to sharpen our focus on our vision for missions. Tim Norton, our Associate Pastor for Missions, will be leading a team of people who are involved in our three missions-related committees, along with some others in the congregation, to develop a process whereby we can develop a clear and commonly-held philosophy of mission and also perhaps consider a new committee structure to support this revised vision. You may recall that last year the Session approved a new philosophy of discipleship which now guides all our planning and programing in that area of our ministry. It is felt that we would benefit from Missions doing this same thing for our church.

Session and it’s 20/20 Vision Team, which coordinates all the activities related to the strategic initiatives, will continue to pray, discern and determine the next steps going forward, and the 20/20 Team will bring recommendations to Session for consideration later on. Please be in prayer for these leaders in our church as we continue to seek God’s leading.