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Redesign the work of Session and the role of elders to fully align with models in Scripture of governing, leading. teaching, and shepherding

Create a program of discipleship and leadership development which results in a more robust experience of spiritual development and deeper community for our elders and pastors, better enabling elders to serve out of the overflow of God’s love in their lives.



June 2019 Update

The review and revision of role and work of Session has been completed. We are beginning to live into the redesign, including:

  • A new rotation schedule for officers that more closely aligns with the ministry year (serving May through April, instead of January to December)
  • Extended training for new elders and deacons, including in-depth teaching on the overarching Biblical narrative, discipleship, mission, and pastoral care.
  • This team also suggested a review and revision of the role and work of the Diaconate which has also completed. The deacons have been organized into four teams: 1) Prayer, 2) Care, 3) Hospitality, 4) Community

August 2018 Update

The work of the Session has been redesigned to move elders from the “boardroom” (exercising administrative leadership, and thinking of their role primarily as decision-makers) to the “Upper Room” (spiritual growth and maturity in Christ as they exercise their leadership, and learning how to engage in spiritual discernment and listen for the voice of God for our church).

To promote spiritual growth for elders serving on Session for three years, the training of elders has been expanded beyond the few months before they are ordained and installed to now covering the whole first year of their three-year term of service.

Finally, moderators of committees don’t have to be limited to elders currently serving on Session; former elders can also chair committees of Session provided the committees have Session representatives serving alongside them. This expands the leadership base of the church’s committees and ministry teams.

Along with this new plan to to guide elder training and leadership development, the timing of officer elections now coincides with the school year instead of the calendar year.

Following a review, Session also approved restructuring the role of the diaconate (deacons).

January 2018 Update

  • The Committee has completed its overhaul of the Work of Session and Role of Elders by producing a plan to guide elder training and leadership development, and the timing of the election of officers has been changed to coincide with the school calendar instead of the calendar year
  • The Committee also recommended that the diaconate undergo a similar review