Race & the Gospel

Race and the Gospel Short-Term Sunday School Class

Session 1 | If you’d like to catch up on what you missed the first week, or even if you were there but want a refresher, here are links to both the handout and the video we watched.  The video is by Tim Keller, making the Scriptural case that racism needs to be understood systemically, and not just individualistically.  The handout includes our beginning assumptions (that our unity is part of the heart of the gospel), recommended resources, and two Bible studies to engage during the week.
Watch Video by Tim Keller 
Session 1 Handout

Session 2 | In session 2 (Jan 13)  of our Race and Gospel class, we looked at the question:  “Can we just start with a clean slate?”  To begin answering that question, we looked at why history is important.  Over and again in the Scriptures God calls people to “remember.”  The past helps us to understand the present, and who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do right now and going forward.  In our discussion of race, we cannot overlook history.  We looked at one example of how our country’s history of systemic racism still greatly affect the present and will affect the future if left unchanged.  I encourage you to watch the video The House We Live In (29 minutes long) and to explore the definitions and the  resources on the handout, both linked below.   Next week we will unpack many of the definitions we heard in the video, so please do watch it if you get the chance.  Next week we will also have more time to discuss, so come ready with your thoughts and questions.
Watch Video: The House We Live In
Session 2 Handout

Session 3 |  In this session, we began to unpack some of the terms we’ve heard in the videos.  Specifically, we talked about white privilege, the idea of being colorblind, and implicit bias.  Each of these topics could easily fill months of exploration in and of themselves, so our conversation wasn’t incredibly nuances.  Rather, it was meant to give us a working vocabulary for continuing discussion.  Robert Manning and Tamika Jackson joined us to share some of their perspective on these matter, as African Americans.  Thank you, Robert and Tamika!

The session was recorded.  While some of the Q & A time might not come through the best, the recording should give you a good idea of our conversation.
Session 3 Audio
Session 3 Handout

Session 4 | In this session, we explored the question:  “Where do we go from here?”  If you weren’t able to join us, here are recording and handout (with links to two short videos we watched):

Session 4 Video 
Session 4 Handout

Thank you for engaging with a very needed, and often times difficult discussion.  While the class is officially over, please don’t let this be the end of the journey.  Let’s continue, as a church, to wrestle together and seek the Lord’s wisdom about how to participate in His work of justice and reconciliation!