From Program To Purpose

Mission is not a program of the church; it is the purpose of the church. Beginning in April 2019, First Presbyterian Church has entered a time to discern and clarify our missional identity, priorities, and goals as a church. On this page, you will find an overview of our conversation path as well as monthly updates that can facilitate your own engagement with the questions our church is asking.

As we pursue clarity of mission, we have identified three main questions that need to be answered with clarity and specificity


what is mission?

The church doesn’t have a mission as much as God’s mission has a church. We don’t set our own priorities, we receive them from God as rescued people on his rescue mission in Christ. This question will help us define and motivate our mission by the assurance of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

What is a Missional Church?

The attractional church model is built upon the idea of the church as a magnet to draw people into the building for weekend worship. ECO churches around the world are realizing our post-modern, post-Christian era requires a new approach for God’s timeless mission. This question explores need to shift to a missional model of church, approaching our city in the same way a missionary would approach their mission field.


what is the missional identity of first pres?

God’s mission is global and timeless, yet he accomplishes his mission in the particulars of everyday people and everyday churches. This question engages the need for clarity of the specific priorities, gifts, opportunities for our church