OUR MISSION is for all people, including middle school students, to say “yes” to Jesus with their whole  lives.  To that end, we strive to create a welcoming, warm, and safe environment in which students can learn, experience, and share the love of God through Jesus Christ.  In particular, we have developed and work towards specific goals for each age group.  These goals are organized around the 6 core values we hold as an entire church.

Middle School Goals of Ministry

Middle School is a time of transition, self discovery and a desire to encounter something larger than life. We love that about Middle School students and believe God does too. Our desire is to walk alongside them during this transition, remind them of who God has made them to be and encourage them to connect with their creator and one another.

Our Goals

As stated above, the mission of First Presbyterian is for all people to say “yes” to Jesus with their whole lives. In order to work toward and to live into that mission, we have developed goals aimed toward that end for each grade level.   These goals describe what we hope, and plan, for children to know, believe, experience, become, and do with their faith as they transition from one age to the next.    The goals are organized around the 6 core values from our mission statement.  They also include a component for parents under the “invest in the next generation” section.

We are a spiritual family on mission to
Encounter Jesus
Experience grace
Grapple with scripture
Serve our neighbors, and
Invest in the future church
…all for the glory of God!

Here are our goals as they intersect with the Middle School years:

Spiritual Family

I belong to God’s family, and I am loved and accepted for exactly who I am.

I am a valued person in my church family and can become a covenant partner.

We can encourage each other to love God and love others.

Encounter Jesus

The Triune God wants to be in a relationship with me through Jesus Christ.

When I say yes to Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes and lives in me.

Experience Grace

The world is broken, but God is good, and is making all things right.

Even when I make big mistakes, God forgives me and His love for me never changes.

Experiencing grace through Jesus helps me love and include people as Jesus did.

Grapple with Scripture

The story arc of the Bible tells us of God’s love and redemption.

The Bible is the Living Word of God, and reading it brings me nearer to Him.

It’s healthy to have questions about my faith.

Serve our Neighbors

Loving my neighbor starts by being kind to those I see and interact with every day.

God has given me gifts and talents I can use to serve my neighbor.

Invest in the Future Church

God has given me gifts and talents I can use to serve my church.

Parents are equipped to engage with their children in their everyday walk with God.

What We Do

Connect – Connect is our weekly middle school gathering that meets during the school year from 6:15-7:45 pm on Wednesday in the B-100. We worship together through crazy games, music and discussions on Scripture.

Move Groups – Move groups are small groups divided by grade and gender that meet during the school year on Sunday afternoons in student’s homes. This is a time for middle school students to grow in relationship with God and one another. Email Marissa to find out more information!

Sunday School – Our middle school Sunday School classes meet weekly from 10:00-11:00 AM in room B-100. This is a time for students to worship God through studying scripture.

Confirmation – Confirmation is an invitation for students to personally confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and become full members of First Presbyterian. We do this through mentoring, retreats, service, weekly lessons and class parties. The class runs January – May, and is open to students in seventh grade and up.

Contact Work – Our staff and volunteers value building healthy relationships with student. We do this by spending time with students outside of our regular programming. Let us know if we can show up for a game, concert, lunch or hang out after school.

Mission – Our middle school students have an opportunity to serve others through God@Christmas and summer mission trips.

Retreat – Our fall retreat and summer camps are time for students to step away from the busyness of life and encounter God.  We would love to have you join us!

Hoops4Him – Hoops4Him is a citywide church basketball league that runs November – March. An intermediate division is offered to 7th and 8th grade middle school students. Registration opens in September and runs through November!