Covenant Partners,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you on February 10, 2019, regarding an update to the progress of our 20/20 Vision. You will recall that my report included an explanation of the decision made last fall to pause the activity surrounding Initiative No. 9 – Developing a Facility Master Plan and Building Program. The 20/20 Vision Team, with participation and input from the Facilities Planning Committee and the Committees of Downtown, Missions, and Evangelism/Outreach, proposed a concurrent approach to Session in regards to proceeding now with additional work on a potential building program. I wanted to provide you with a further update.


Session has approved a revised set of goals for the Facilities Building Program prepared in response to the results obtained from the Feasibility Study and the first draft of the Master Site Plan. Meetings will be held in the near future regarding the impact of these revised goals on a draft Master Site Plan.

In addition, the missional leaders of the Committees of Downtown, Missions, and Evangelism/Outreach collaborated on next steps with regard to formulating a missions philosophy. An update was provided on March 18, 2019, to the 20/20 Vision Team by Joe Ely (on behalf of the Facilities Planning Committee) and Tim Norton (on behalf of the missional leaders). With regard to Initiative No. 9 and others, a proposal was made to create a Missional Task Force to not just breathe into the 20/20 Vision but to examine the missions philosophy and life blood of our church. The Missional Task Force created a charter and road map (a by-product of discussions had at the Session meeting in February 2019), and Session approved the charter and road map the evening of March 18, 2019.

At the 20/20 Vision Team meeting on March 18, 2019, the New Worshipping Community Initiative was further discussed. Mike Horne and Tim Norton reported on their attendance at the Exponential Conference, a conference to discuss church planting. Around 60 individuals from our denomination attended this conference, which had 5,500 people in attendance from all around the country, and it provided a helpful perspective and guidance on a variety of topics, including growing membership, “multiplication” and church planting. The New Worshipping Community Initiative will be pursued through the formation of a Discernment Team in the near future. Recall that the expectation of the 20/20 Vision is to have the New Worshipping Community Initiative begin work in the year 2020.

We are excited about the Holy Spirit’s leading in this process and His speaking into the nine initiatives of the five year Strategic Plan. Please continue to pray for the work of these teams and the Missional Task Force.

Edward Griggs, moderator, on behalf of the 20/20 Vision Team