First Pres Overflow Shelter is closed for the season

“Building relationships with people who I would never interact with on any basis was really really special to me…every night was a favorite memory.”


Volunteer Registration

Volunteer registration is closed for the season. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. See you next year!

Volunteer Needs

Guest Reception Volunteer (3 per night)
Minimum age for volunteering is 18

Guest Reception Volunteers prepare for receiving guests by moving bins of guests’ personal belongings and laying out sleeping mats. Assist with the guest site check-in process and act as extra eyes and hands to ensure a welcoming and safe environment during guest reception and dinner.  Engage with guests over their dinner (volunteers are not served dinner). While some bins are heavy, we can accommodate adult volunteers of all abilities for this role.

Dinner Volunteer (no more than 6 volunteers per night please)
Food for 26
Minimum age for volunteering is 18

Bring food for 26 people to the Overflow Shelter site at 7:45pm. After many of our guests have spent a long and often cold day on the street, we want to offer them a hot and filling meal in an atmosphere of warmth, safety, and peace.  You will need to bring all of the food fully prepared, as well as paper products and utensils, to plate the food so it can be served to guests at the tables, and to clean up after dinner.  You will receive meal guidelines via email a week in advance.

Overnight Volunteer (2 per night: Friday and Saturday Only)
Minimum age for volunteering is 18

The two Overnight Volunteers will alternate “shifts” working with the City with Dwellings’ staff/monitor, who will remain awake through the night. The usual shifts are 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. The volunteer on shift duty will remain with the sleeping guests and the monitor. Most nights are calm and quiet (except for the snoring!). You can use the WiFi or read during your shift; coffee is available on site. Please bring a sleeping bag/blanket and a pillow to use. Overnight volunteers will be provided a separate locked room to sleep in and to store their gear. The monitor will ask for your assistance if needed. Lights are turned on at 5:30am and you can leave by 6:30am.

Evening Volunteer (1 per night Sunday through Thursday Only)
Minimum age for volunteering is 18

One Evening Volunteer will assist the City with Dwellings monitor as the guests settle down after dinner and go to sleep. Training is provided each night. An overnight assistant monitor will arrive by 11:00 to relieve the Evening Volunteer. Most nights are calm and quiet (except for the snoring!). You can use the WiFi or read during this shift if the monitor doesn’t need your help.

Community Resources for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Check out our Community Resources guide for information on how to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness.  For additional resources and questions, please contact Tim Norton

Tips for using the Community Resources Card

Many of you have encountered a shelter guest on at least one occasion over the last few weeks. It is often hard to know exactly what to say or do. We know we’re supposed to give a glimpse of Jesus. But, how in the world are we supposed to do that?
We have created a resource card to help and Pastor Tim Norton has shared some tips for using the resource card.