Goals Established for a Revised Building Program

Session approved a new set of goals for a revised building program in its February meeting.

You will recall that church leadership paused in its execution of a facilities master plan and building program, one of our 20/20 strategic initiatives, in the fall. The church entered a period of discernment after cost estimates of the proposed plan far exceeded the church’s capacity. The church also wanted to ensure any building program aligned with other strategic initiatives. Late in 2018 the Session authorized the Facilities Planning Committee to resume work on a building program with lower cost parameters. The team met to determine a narrower set of goals to guide their work.

With the goals listed below, the team will resume its collaboration with architects and other professionals to develop a new plan. There is no timetable for the establishment of the plan, and it is anticipated that this work will proceed for several months. Feel free to contact any member of the Facilities Planning Committee with your thoughts and suggestions.

Here are the Goals for the Revised Facilities Building Program. (They are also posted on the Facility Master Plan page. You can also follow all of the 20/20 strategic initiatives on the 20/20 Vision page.)

One of the initiatives included in the 20/20 strategic plan was a “comprehensive facility master plan and building program”. The church initiated the master planning process and developed a set of goals to guide it. However, an overarching goal is to engage the congregation and church leadership in an open and transparent planning process, undergirded by prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, that will be unifying and build trust and excitement about the future of the church.

The following goals are established for a revised building program that meets the parameters established in the fall of 2018. Approved by Session in February 2019.

1. Create new and renovated space that encourages people “to enter, to belong and to serve” in support of the mission of the 20/20 Vision to invite all people to say “yes!” to Jesus with their whole lives

2. Plan facilities that welcome visitors to the church, create opportunities for gathering, fellowship and building community, connect the campus, provide gracious flow, and create clear wayfinding among all ministry areas of the church

3. Ensure the facilities provide an out-facing posture, accommodating community needs and mission initiatives

4. Plan renovations to give a fresh look to the church and support on-going ministries
• Update the Fellowship Hall finishes, ceiling and lighting
• Integrate Building B into the flow and overall design of the campus
• Plan for flexible and versatile space that can be easily reconfigured and that can serve multiple purposes
• Repair or resurface parking lots
• Reconfigure office space to be more efficient, inviting, accessible and encouraging of collaboration

5. Enhance security throughout the campus, especially for children

6. Be good stewards in planning for sustainable and energy efficient building systems

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