From Generation to Generation

A Note from Amy

I am no longer the “younger” generation.  It feels strange for me to say that out loud or even put it in print.  When did I get to be middle aged? (I suspect that many of you ask the same question of yourself!).  One of the blessings of getting older is to see God’s faithfulness in action, across the years. One way that God is faithful is by raising up new leaders in the “younger” generation to be pastors in the local church.  We have a front row seat to watch God raise up new leaders right here at First Pres!  

Right now, there are three people in our congregation who are officially “under care” of the Session as they go through the ordination process:  Kendra Norton (our Pastoral Resident*), Davin Thomsen Tang (our Youth Director), and Allysen Mehaffey (a Covenant Partner who is currently studying at Regent Seminary in Vancouver, BC).  One other, Johnson Waterer (our Middle School Director) will be seeking to go under care soon.  

“Under Care” is a term that means our Session has endorsed them to the Presbytery to explore the ordination process  and then go through the many phases of that process. It also means we want to care for them well while they go through that vigorous, and oftentimes lengthy, process (props to Kendra who recently passed all her exams!).  Currently, Heather and I meet with Kendra, Davin, and Allysen (who meets by Skype) on a regular basis as an ordination support group. We also provide opportunities for them to use their gifts, such as preaching and teaching.  Kendra and Davin will be preaching in the next weeks.    

It’s unusual, and stellar, for a church to have so many younger people under care of the session in the ordination process.  We give God thanks for His faithfulness in raising up new leaders and using our congregation to do so. We would encourage you to embody care toward Kendra, Davin, Allysen, and Johnson.  Encourage them as they labor among us (including preaching!), call out their gifts, pray for them, and love them well.  

Peace of Christ, 

Amy Carlan

* In early 2019, the Session approved the new part-time position of called Pastoral Resident as another way to live into our strategic initiative to “Invest in the Next Generation.”  The Pastoral Residency position is designed to give a person more hands on experience in the day-to-day ministry of working in a church. We are delighted that Kendra is our Pastoral Resident!  She brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and a deep love for the Lord.