Church Business Administrator Position

Do you have a strong background in business and a vibrant commitment to Jesus Christ, and have you always wanted a job where you could merge your two passions?  Do you have great skills in working with people and managing teams?  Do you have experience in building and managing budgets, leading the human resource function of an organization, and overseeing the operational side of a company or non-profit?  Are you a great colleague, and do you have a track record of people flourishing under your leadership?   Then we’d like you to consider applying for the position of Church Business Administrator at our church.  We look forward to hearing from you!

First Presbyterian Church is located in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
We’re a community of believers who rely on the Triune God’s grace and the promises of God’s Word.

We are a spiritual family on mission to
Encounter Jesus
Experience Grace
Grapple with Scripture
Serve our Neighbors, and
Invest in the future church
…all for the glory of God!

In our church you’ll find a blend of contemporary (ancient/modern) and traditional, current and historical, looking within and reaching outward. We have 1400 members with an average worship attendance of 650.

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