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Days 1-2

The Outreach Foundation team arrived in Egypt! Prayer Request: “Please join us in prayer as many mourn the attack yesterday on Orthodox Christians who were traveling to a monastery. But we are ALL the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against us, as our Lord has assured us.”



The team is having a wonderful time with the exuberant congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Zagazig, in Egypt’s northeast Delta (the Biblical land of Goshen). “Rev Wael Nashat and his congregation embraced us like family. We shared dreams and visions and challenges of our individual congregations and celebrated our Oneness in Christ.”

“It was a feast of food, fellowship, faith and friendship. After a few hours together, it felt like we had known one another for years. Family. Yes, we are a family.”


3 of the team remained in Cairo to be with the church in Cairo, 7 of us are in Ismalia this morning and will worship with Rev. Atman Samy and our Presbyterian family there!

“When morning gilds the skies,
My heart awaking cries:
May Jesus Christ be praised!
Alike at work and prayer
To Jesus I repair:
May Jesus Christ be praised!”


“Sabbath blessing #1: worship in the morning with Rev Ayman Samy and the congregation at the Presbyterian church in Ismailia. Our own George Haugen was invited to preach and we were blessed to celebrate Holy Communion together. Afterwards, Rev Ayman shared the vision for this church to be Salt and Light to the cities along the Suez Canal, and dreams of renovating the large conference center, adjacent to the church, which could be a center for equipping and spiritual renewal for many in the area.”
Marilyn Borst


DAY 5 | PART 2

“Sabbath blessing #2: We returned to Zagazig for evening worship (with communion and our own Tim Norton preaching). By now, we really are FAMILY there and were, again, overwhelmed by the love and fellowship. One of Rev Wael Nashat’s favorite verses is: “How good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.” And it truly was good and it was oh-so-pleasant to be with the congregation. Thanking God that we are brought together as brothers and sisters because of the one Lord who has claimed us as His own!”
Marilyn Borst





“The Outreach Foundation team was reunited in Ismailia and we were blessed to have some hours with Rev Amir Nady and Lay Pastor Ayoub Ibrahim who are serving the Presbyterian Church in the eastern Delta. Their servant-hearts inspired us and we now know how to pray, with specificity, for the Good News to go deep in places like Qantara and Ezbet Esaida. Before we left town, we enjoyed a cup of coffee along the Suez Canal and watched a lot of the big ships passing by.”
Marilyn Borst


DAY 6 | PART 2

The Outreach Foundation team at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.

“The Outreach Foundation has been blessed to be in partnership for more than 20 years. I thank God for the visionary, servant leadership of Dr. Atef Gendy and for the dedicated service of professors and staff who are pouring themselves into the men and women who seek to serve Christ in Egypt and beyond.”

Worship in the chapel brought us much joy and Tim Norton gave a moving homily, based on Matthew 1, a reminder of h”ow Christ chose to enter our messy families and dysfunctional churches and sinful lives to bring redemption and hope.”

Updates and quotes from Marilyn Borst

A highlight of our day at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo was time spent with students as they shared their call to ministry as well as their vision to serve and to share the Good News.


This was our day to experience some of the wonders of ancient Egypt: The Great Pyramids on the Giza plateau, the solar boat of Pharaoh Cheops, the Sphinx and the Cairo Museum and camel rides!




The Outreach Foundation team arrived midday in Hurgada, the outpost of the Synod of the Nile. The team will meet with 3 churches over the next few days.

A full day here in Hurghada as Dr. Tharwat Wahba and Eriny Ayad guided us as The Outreach Foundation team absorbed more of the vision of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church beside the Red Sea. In a developing area outside of town, a Presbyterian Church started with a hall for worship and then built an attractive  retreat house around it to host groups for spiritual nurture. A thriving Sunday School grew up along with ministry to the poor. Now there are 150 active members with a total of 500 involved throughout the year!


“The Outreach Foundation team arrived “home” at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo in time to join in ETSC’s Fellowship Day-held twice a year for staff, students, faculty and their families. Volleyball and “Sticks”, sugar cane and pop corn, barbecued pork and great conversation filled the afternoon. We were delighted to be a part of this warm and welcoming community who love Jesus and one another!”


DAY 10

Our final day in Egypt, on the outskirts of Cairo where garbage sorters (mostly poorer Christians) live and work where city services, like paved roads and public schools are not found. In 2013, a young pastor named Moassat (from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo came to plant a church. “Rev. Ekram seeks to better the lives of this marginalized community through a tiny clinic and nursery school for the children of working mothers.” The sanctuary of the church is unfinished and we pray for the resources to finish it.


Friends & Covenant Partners-
We have heard from many of you asking how our recent trip to Egypt went. While it’s hard to capture our experience in a few words, we can wholeheartedly say we had a life-giving adventure in Egypt!  The Lord is doing amazing work through the Egyptian local churches and seminary who are committed to training and sending out men and women to live on mission in Egypt.  During our brief trip, we developed meaningful relationships with Marilyn Borst of the Outreach Foundation, our 7 trip mates from 3 churches, leaders of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, as well as pastors and lay leaders of numerous churches in Egypt. In particular, our “first date” with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Zagazig was rich and encouraging.
Now the work of discernment continues. We recently met with our Egypt Discernment Team for an initial debrief. Over the coming weeks, we will work with them to prepare a presentation for the congregation, session, etc. as we discern how and if to continue in this partnership with Zagazig Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
We greatly appreciate your prayers while we were away and can’t wait to provide an update to you in person in the near future! Stay tuned for those dates and details.
We pray that you have a rich and blessed advent season with your families.
Tim Norton and Matthew Hornaday

Prayer Guide

We invite you to join us in prayer for the mission team in Egypt!