Thanks to the many generous covenant partners who have given above and beyond their normal tithes and gifts to support needs in our community related to COVID-19. Through March, we received $9,300. Our hope is to use this fund as needs arise to invest in our church community, city, and beyond. Here are some of the ways we have been able to steward your generous gifts for the sake of our city:

We helped fund City With Dwelling’s effort to find alternative shelter arrangements for folks who have no permanent housing. City With Dwellings has done great work in finding creative solutions to shelter under unusual circumstances. This has required additional equipment and resources, and our gift went to this relief effort.

One of our fund donors expressed a desire to help the downtown businesses and restaurants impacted by COVID-19. We partnered with one establishment frequented by covenant partners as they gave away their perishable food items. May our gift encourage them as our neighbors and provide some help in trying times.

The Winston-Salem Street School is working to equip their students for distance learning – a difficult task for any school, but even more challenging for the Street School. We helped complete their purchase of Chromebooks for their students to facilitate online access to lessons and resources.

We will continue to look for ways that we can support our community, in Winston-Salem and elsewhere, providing financial help and encouragement to persevere and the message of hope we have in Christ.