Covenant Sunday School | Class for Adults

The Covenant Sunday School class has been at First Pres for many years! We took a break to attend short-term sunday school classes taught by our Pastor for Missions, Tim Norton.

On November 18 we will be starting up again the SS class in the Gallery Lounge. This is an adult class that studies the scriptures deeply. On the 18th we will be starting an in-depth study of Abraham. We will be looking at the scripture (of course), times, cultures, family, beliefs, and character of Abraham. How does he relate to the times, area, family, and most importantly to God? How did God communicate with Abraham? Did he obey God? How and why did God choose Abraham to be a leader of the Hebrews and also how does this “story” relate to us? We will read the entire scripture relating to Abraham and try to understand what God is trying to say. How does the information in an old book relate to us today? We don’t interpret because this introduces our own ideas and prejudices; we try to understand what was written by God.

In the studies in this class we use visual aids, primarily PowerPoint with scripture, tables, graphs, maps, etc. to see and hear about what we are studying. On occasion, audio and video are used for studies.

Some of the studies we have done and will be considering repeating with updated formats:

The Will of God
Biblical Angels
Jewish Law
Why didn’t the Jews Accept Jesus as the Messiah?
Predestination and Free Will
Messianic Prophecies for Christmas
Messianic Prophecies for Easter
Minor Prophets
Meaning of Festivals such as Pentecost
Archeology, Evolution, and Creationism
Who Killed Jesus
Yes; this is quite a bite to take. This is an invitation to all who are not now committed to another class or are searching for a detailed study of God’s Word.
If you think about what a coach for sports does, you will see why the word “coach” may be a better term than “teacher” for the courses. For the most the part the coach will be Bill Mandakis.