Celebrating Communion

Communion is one of the Sacraments that Jesus commanded His followers to celebrate. It is designed in our Reformed tradition to be a communal celebration. COVID-19 and needed practice of social distancing cause us to need to be creative as we follow Jesus’ commands.
We plan on celebrating Communion together on Maundy Thursday as we live stream our service. In order to celebrate together, we want to offer you the following suggestions as to how your household can participate:
·      The Pastors will offer the Words of Institution during the service and then invite you at home to then partake of the elements
·      As you know the traditional elements used by the Church are bread and grape juice. All you will need is bread and juice as well.
o  Any bread can be used. If you have a family, a single slice of bread cut into the number of pieces needed for your household is the simplest way to provide for Communion. If you don’t have bread, crackers would also work.
o  Grape juice is traditional, but any juice or liquid can suffice.
o  Remember that we often include in our prayer before Communion that God might use the common elements for spiritual purpose. The specifics of the elements do not inhibit or prevent the power of the Holy Spirt to work through the meal.
·      If you do not have anything that you can use for the bread or juice, please call the church and let us know. We will make sure that a volunteer brings you materials so that you can participate.
To Summarize How You Can Participate in Maundy Thursday Communion From Home
·      Have some form of bread
·      Have some form of juice or liquid
·      Call the church if you don’t have either and we will make sure you get what you need

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