Good Samaritan Philanthropy Award | 2018 Award Recipient, Bo Brookby

Everything Bo Brookby does begins and ends with Christian love. He is Christ-centered and always puts his trust in God to shape the future.
Bo has always felt that Samaritan is part of God’s larger story and Samaritan represents how God sees his Kingdom on this earth.

Bo started volunteering at Samaritan in the early 1990’s and would bring his now-grown children to serve alongside him. He and his family have also been generous financial contributors over the last 25+ years. Bo continues to volunteer in the overnight shelter every month and has formed lasting relationships with guests who seek Bo’s guidance, friendship and prayers. Even if it means Bo must visit a former guest behind bars due to a bump in the road, Bo is there in a heartbeat to help. He has played a large role in getting his church, First Presbyterian, involved-from youth group visits at Christmas, to small group Bible studies at the Ministry, to the annual Confirmation Class learning directly from a Project Cornerstone guest. He finds every opportunity to share the Samaritan story with others.

In addition to serving as a volunteer and current board member, Bo has been a leader on the finance committee through all the peaks and valleys over the last 10 years. Bo guided our capital campaign planning discussions toward not having ongoing debt for our building-knowing that debt would keep us from serving our guests most effectively. He also helped to form an intergenerational team of advocates so that we continue to have support in years to come.

Bo is more than deserving of the recognition for his true embodiment of the Samaritan mission.