All Church Retreat FAQ's

When does the retreat start and end?  Check-in is 5:30-8:00 pm on Friday.  The first session begins at 8:00 pm.  The retreat ends Sunday morning at 11:45 am.

 What meals are included?  There are four meals provided: breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning.  Plus, there is an awesome snack table available for grazing all weekend long.

What are the rooms like?  We’ll be staying in Assembly Inn at Montreat Conference Center (  Assembly Inn was renovated 3 years ago.  The rooms are quite nice and include linens, hot showers, central air, and windows that open to let in the fresh Mountain air.  Air mattresses and small cribs are also available upon request.

What’s the retreat like for parents with small children?  Children love Montreat (we aren’t exaggerating)!  But what about their parents?  While it is extra work to pack all your kid’s belongings to go on the retreat, the retreat team and the children’s ministry staff work hard to make sure that this is an enjoyable retreat for YOU too.  During all the large group sessions and the breakout sessions, there is meaningful programming and care for children of all ages, even infants.  At night, there are hall sitters on duty until 11pm, so you can tuck in your little ones and enjoy the company of adults while they sleep peacefully under the watchful eyes of our sitters.  Best of all, we take our own childcare workers with us, who already know your children from Sundays at home.

What’s the retreat like for people who aren’t parents?  There is a reason why we call this the “all church retreat,” and not the “family retreat.”  This retreat is for the whole family of God – people who are parents, those who are single, those who consider themselves young adults, and those who were young adults decades ago.  This is truly an intergenerational event.  Our time together will be enriched because we are different from each other, and yet all God’s beloved children.

What’s the retreat like for youth?  This year the youth will have their very own lodge, right across from Lake Susan!   With their dedicated youth leaders, they will enjoy crazy games and fun activities as well as late night cabin discussions and lots of snacks.  They join the adults for the four large group sessions that include merriment by emcees, sung worship, testimonies, and the message from the main speaker.

What is the cost? We are excited to offer significantly reduced prices once again this year!

  • $100 per adult (including young adults)
  • $50 for youth and children
  • $25 for van and dinner
  • $350 family max (not including van/dinner)