A Note From Peter

Racial Reconciliation & Racial Justice

Many people have asked me, “Peter, if I want to get involved in racial reconciliation and racial justice, what are the next steps I can take as a follower of Christ.

There are three suggestions I would make.  First, take a personal inventory of the friendships and acquaintances you have in your life, and make a list of the people of color you know.  If you don’t have any or just a few, that’s a good place to start.  Developing genuine friendships with people of color can be one of the most transformational things you can do in an effort to tear down walls that separate us.  On easy way to do this is to sign up for Break Bread Winston-Salem which encourages people of different races to gather for dinner in homes across our city to share stories and build relationships.  A second next step I would suggest is get more informed about the reasons for the racial divide and the history of the problems of race in our country and in our community.  There are a number of good books and talks worth reading and listening to.

Reading and Listening List

Racial Reconciliation and Racial Justice

The Myth of Equality by Ken Wystma

White Awake by Daniel Hill

“The Justice of God,” sermon by Tim Keller on the biblical foundation for justice
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Brenda Salter McNeil has a number of books, podcasts, and other materials about racial reconciliation and racial justice
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A third next step is to make a personal commitment to do something yourself about pursuing racial reconciliation and racial justice in our city that can lead to change.  There is an excellent resource that has been put together which is available at our church office.  It’s called Next Steps 2019.  Not every organization or initiative listed in the booklet is one you will agree with, but find one that resonates with your heart and the call you sense God is laying on you, and find out how you can partner with others to address a concern in this city.

I am taking these steps myself, and I’ve been so encouraged to see the change God is working in me and in our city as I engage with black and brown brothers and sisters to try and work together to bring change to our community.  God is on the move, and I want to be a part of the positive change I believe the Holy Spirit is bringing.  Please join me as we follow Christ together on this great adventure!