Understanding Denominational Discernment

First Presbyterian Church held educational forums which were intended to give congregation members a better understanding in three areas of discernment:

1.  What are the problems in the PCUSA and why does the Session think we should be dismissed to another denomination?

2.  What is this all about and why are we discussing these things?

3.  Where does the session think we should go? After representatives from both the First Presbyterian Church Session and Salem Presbytery presented their messages, church members had the chance to write questions on cards and pass them forward.

The speakers had the opportunity to answer questions from the audience as time allowed.  Each educational forum audience was informed that questions not answered in the forum due to time constraints would be read and answered on the website.  After attentive review, we have divided follow-up questions by topic area and answered each question directly.

Please click the pdf link next to each topic area to read the Session’s response to questions posed during or after the six Educational Forums.

Questions and answers concerning theology: Forum Questions_Theology_10 09 13_Final

Questions and answers concerning the discernment process: Forum Questions_Discernment Process_10 09 13_Final

Questions and answers concerning human sexuality: Forum Questions_Sexuality_10 09 13_Final

Questions and answers concerning the gracious dismissal policy and church ministers: Forum Questions_Gracious Dismissal_FPC_Other_10 09 13_Final

Questions and answers concerning Salem Presbytery/ECO/and the PCUSA: Forum Questions_Salem Presbytery_ECO_PCUSA_10 9 13_Final

What is This All About & How Did We Get Here? Forum 1 Presentation_Final.pptx (Read-Only)