The “File Cabinet” is a compilation of documents and resources the Session studied and discussed as they prayed through the denominational concerns facing First Presbyterian Church.  The links are grouped by subject area to give you better context for the content of each document.



Observations and Concerns

1.  Solas

2.  Falling Short

3.  A Letter to the PCUSA

4.  Session’s Response to PCUSA’s “Why Stay”

5.  Layman Dismissal


A Different Vision

1.  Ortberg Video/Transcript

John Ortberg video


2.  Presbyteries FOP

Presbyteries_FOP_May 11 (2)

3.  FOP Conference Notes

FOP Conference_Newsletter Article_02.13


Denominational Comparison

1.  Comparison Chart

2.  What is a Presbyterian Confirmation?

What Is A Presbyterian Confirmation 2012


Gracious Dismissal


2.  Why Gracious Dismissal?

Why Gracious Dismissal_Brad Munroe

3.  Dismissal Guide

Layman_Dismissal List


Denominational Discernment


Denomination FAQ


Educational Forum