Attention All College Students!

Do you have summer plans?  Have you ever considered a future in vocational ministry?  Do you enjoy serving our community and investing in your faith?  If so, we may have an opportunity for you!

Apply for a Summer Internship! 

As a church First Presbyterian values the presence of our summer interns.  We believe that it is a worthy ministry to have the help and enthusiasm of college students, but more importantly, we believe and want to invest in the impact that this experience will have for the future of God’s kingdom.




Here is our ministry plan:

We will seek to recruit and engage 3 college aged interns each summer.  These interns will be on staff for a 10 week period beginning in Mid May, and ending in late July or early August.  (Exact dates of employment will be negotiated as part of the intern hiring process).  Each intern will also be granted one week off at some point during this internship for family vacation.

First Presbyterian will budget to pay each intern $2,000 for their summer’s work.  They will also be reimbursed for mileage and ministry expenses incurred during the course of their internship by the program area for which they minister.

Interns can apply for a summer internship from one of the following ministry areas: College Ministry, Worship Arts, AV & Tech, Missions, Youth Ministry, or Future Ministry Track.  Ministry Area descriptions are provided on the summer-internship-program-overview page.

Each intern will work with their direct supervisor in their ministry area to set up a plan and specific, measurable goals for their summer program before the internship begins.  Interns will be expected to show initiative, leadership, and enthusiasm for their area of ministry.  They will take on the running and administration of significant areas of programming in their ministry area. They may be expected to travel as part of their intern experience.

Our summer internships will consist of 30-40 hour work weeks, as negotiated with their supervisor in the Internship Covenant Process.  Work hours may consist of evening and weekend hours, as ministry needs require.  Housing will not be provided as part of this internship.

Each summer intern class will meet weekly with a member of the Senior Leadership Team as part of the mentoring process.  They will covenant to engage together as a cohort group as they explore life in ministry, and learn more about their spiritual gifting.  They will be expected,  as part of their internship, to engage with assigned reading, research, or other tasks affiliated with their mentoring program.

The intern will be engaging in ministry with the full support of the church.  As part of this support, they will take part in a commissioning service at the beginning of the summer, and a post-summer evaluation at the conclusion of their internship.

Summer Internship Ministry Area Descriptions

Youth Ministry- The Intern will serve with the Middle and High School ministry during their summer programming.  Ministry in this area will include planning and attending mission trips and youth camps.  Interns will also work with the weekly programming of the youth ministry, and plan and chaperone any special events and activities.  Part of the internship expectation is that the intern will develop relationships with youth involved at this church and seek to mentor and disciple them.

Worship Arts- Along with participation in the intern cohort as outlined in the summer internship description,  the worship internship would focus on four major areas: studying reformed principles of worship and liturgical theology; crafting and leading worship services, which includes music leadership; worship team development; and using creative gifts, which may include visual art, photography, dance, drama, or set design.

AV & Tech- This intern will work in the weekly worship service and also in the broader life of the church, including children’s ministry, youth ministry, and missions, to provide tech support and also to work in creative projects such as sound engineering or video production.

Missions- This Internship is designed for students considering a vocation in the non-profit sphere.  The intern will do a series of community placements with First Presbyterian missions partners within the community.  They may also be involved with planning and attending First Presbyterian mission trips scheduled for the summer.

College Ministry– This intern will assist the Summer College Minister in conducting the college ministry summer activities.  Responsibilities may include planning Bible Study, special events, or social events for the First Presbyterian College community.  They will also be expected to engage relationally with college students involved with our college ministry.

Future Ministry Track- This is a hybrid internship designed for students considering vocational ministry.  The intern will rotate through a series of experiences of pastoral ministry including pastoral care, worship planning, missions, and other ministry areas.