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Confirmation is a beloved part of our church calendar here at First Presbyterian.  Year after year, it is always amazing to watch God work in and through students’ lives during the Confirmation process.  The purpose of this semester-long discipleship program is to help students learn the basics of Christianity, the tenets of the Presbyterian tradition, and what it means to become member of First Presbyterian Church specifically.  Bo Brookby, Lisa Britt, and PJ Drost are the facilitators of the course. Our hope and intention is for Confirmands to have an experience of both the HEART and the HEAD.  The two questions that each student will be seeking to answer are, “Who is Jesus to me?” and “Do I want to join First Presbyterian Church?”  When the study portion of the class is completed, each student will have the opportunity to affirm his/her faith and become a member of First Presbyterian Church if they choose to do so.

The design of this class includes: weekly teaching times, mentor relationships, two retreats, two class parties, a service project, a mid-course gathering for parents, a mid-course gathering for mentors.  At the end of the semester, students will have the chance to make a public profession of faith and intention to join the church followed by a celebration dinner, and a public recognition of that choice during worship on Confirmation Sunday (yes- we know that’s a lot!). We have enclosed a calendar for the 2017 Confirmation process. PJ Drost (, Director of Middle School Ministries, will happily answer any other questions you may have regarding Confirmation.


As some of you may know, mentors are a vital element to this process.  Over and over, we have seen students benefit immensely from spending time with a loving, listening, and caring adult who is passionate about their walk with Christ.  It is a powerful thing for them to have firsthand knowledge of lives transformed by Christ, and a trusted adult friend in whom they can confide.  We encourage you to choose a Confirmation Mentor who is a person your Confirmand admires and respects.  We think that it is advantageous for this person to be someone other than a family member, so that your son or daughter is increasing the number of trusted adult voices in their lives.


Registration will be available online through Sunday, December 4th.  There will be three registration forms to complete for this process- the Confirmation Registration, the Mentor Contact Form, and the registration for the first Confirmation Retreat.  We have separated these into three forms, because we know that some parts of the process, such as recruiting your mentor and verifying if the mentor is able to attend the retreat, may take longer than the initial registration.