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We had a wonderful time with Ministry Architects, planning and dreaming for the future.  We had over 80 people participate in Listening Groups- what a gift to us to have so many perspectives and voices in this process.  Here is the report generated by the Ministry Architects Consultants:

Please note that this report and recommendations are being presented to our elders for their approval at the June Session Meeting.

Ministry Architects Assessment



Audio recording of consultant’s report

Background Info: Here are a few documents outlining how we got here in the process of planning and dreaming for our youth ministry, what our hopes this process will be, and our values/guiding principles of our youth ministry.

How we got here

What is Sustainable Youth Ministry  –

Philosophy and Vision Statement

Values Statement

Goals for our Ministry

The Proposal: Below are some things the 18 month proposal provided by Youth Ministry Architects will include.  It will be up to our church family to take these dreams and make them into reality!  It is our prayer and expectation that we can work together to make First Presbyterian Youth Ministry sustainable, and set it up to flourish for years to come!

  • Name the assets – things to continue to do
  • Name the challenges – things to overcome
  • Give recommendations for overcoming those challenges
  • All of the recommendations are laid out in an 18-month timeline
    • Specific steps to take each month to move toward sustainability
  • Some issues to be assessed will include (not a comprehensive list)
    • Volunteer recruitment and equipping
    • Climate surrounding the youth ministry
    • Systems and structure – control documents and processes such as an 18 month calendar, directory/database, attendance tracking, visitor follow-up, etc.
    • Staffing structure
    • Staff health and balance
    • Vision and mission
    • Christian formation plan (scope and sequence)
    • Lay leadership
    • Student leadership