High School Mission Trip Fundraisers

Pine Needle Fundraiser

This is a GREAT opportunity to raise some serious cash for your trip!  Many students in the past  have paid for their entire trip with this fundraiser. Each bale you sell earns $1.80 towards your trip.  You can also offer to spread the pine needles for an extra $2/bale– which means you have the potential to earn $3.80 per bale!

We will send an email out before the sale explaining all the details.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact Marissa Joyce.

  • Pine needle sales will take place  Sunday, February 5th through February 22nd.
  • The distribution date for the sale will be Saturday, March 4th, from 8 AM – 3 PM.
  • Each student is responsible for securing their own transportation (i.e. pickup truck) on the pine straw distribution day and delivering the bales they sell.

Pancake Breakfast- Sunday, April 2nd (save the date!)

The men’s ministry is so generous in helping us raise money for our summer missions with the Pancake Breakfast!  The men purchase and cook the food, and the youth act as servers for the breakfast.  Students can sign up for 1 (or more) of 3 serving shifts, and in the end, we all split the tips!

Lowes Cards

Lowes Foods gift cards can be purchased here at the church office during business hours, and 6% of each card’s value is credited towards the seller’s mission trip account.  For example– with the purchase of $500.00 in gift cards, $30 would be credited to that student’s trip balance.  This is a quick and very easy way to raise funds– your family can earn money for your trip every time you buy groceries!


In DR years, high schoolers get the chance to participate  in the Geranium fundraiser also!  We will be selling mature geraniums, ready for potting or planting, in a variety of colors.  The geraniums will be $9.00 each, and delivered in April.  Students need to arrange their own delivery for the plants they sell.  Presale begins in February, and runs through March, each plant sold earns your mission account $3.35.

Support Letters

Support letters are a wonderful way to recruit family and friends to support a student missionary through prayer and through financial means.  It can be humbling to ask for money, yet its also such a big blessing to receive gifts of support and prayer from others.

Guidelines for support letters will be available, and it’s a good idea to start thinking now about the people you would like to ask for prayer and financial support for this trip.  Think of the goal in writing the letter as threefold: telling your friends and family about the opportunity you have, asking them to support you in prayer, and finally, asking for financial support.  If you are having problems drafting a letter, please ask Marissa for help!