We love college students at First Pres!

First Pres has a long history of ministry with college students–whether that’s campus outreach, discipleship, or leadership development. We are a church that loves students and desires to see them grow in the contexts of both the local campus and the local church. If you are a college student, we would love for you to join us on Sunday for worship!

Contact Interim Coordinator for Missions, Jessica Fields, 336-723-1621 x245 for more info.







On campus, we are intentionally partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Wake Forest University and Salem College to provide ways for college students to belong to Christian community and to allow First Pres members the opportunity to invest in the lives of college students. Learn more about how to get involved with InterVarsity below.


InterVarsity at WFU meets for large group on campus at 7:00pm Thursday nights. All are welcome! They also provide a variety of small group and retreat opportunities throughout the year.

Kevin Boyd and Adwoa Asante are the campus ministry staff for InterVarsity at Wake Forest University. Kevin can be reached at kevin_boyd@ivstaff.org. Adwoa can be reached at asanteaa@wfu.edu.



InterVarsity at Salem College meets on campus at 8:00pm Thursday nights. All are welcome! They also do a Manuscript Scripture study on Wednesdays at 3:00pm on campus.

Karen Lambeth is the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus staff member at Salem College.   She can be reached atkaren.lambeth@intervarsity.org   336-239-9509

Karen is an alumna of Salem College and graduated with her degree in Sociology in the Spring of 2016. She was involved in her first year at Salem with InterVarsity as it was being planted on campus. She went through all of the Salem traditions from Fall Fest to Big/Little and continues to have a love for everything that the Salem Sisterhood is about. Through her two short years at Salem, her favorite part of InterVarsity was that of creating and cultivating a community of people that love each other well because they want to understand more of how Jesus loves us well. She adores leading bible studies and thrives in environments with a lot of people. In her free time, she can be found drinking coffee at any of the bazillion places in Winston, watching Disney movies, and chatting it up with random people.


First Pres takes several mission trips to work with ministries in other countries throughout the year. We would love for college students to join in on any of our trips and can offer scholarships to help make the trips affordable. If you’re interested in going with us, check out our Mission Trips page.