Registration and $85 Trip Cost:

Registrations will be accepted online October 22-29
(The registration form will open at 9 AM on 10/22 and will remain open until midnight on 10/29 OR until the maximum limit of 150 participants has been reached)

*Students also need to turn in a current 1st Pres Medical Form if they have not already*
Med Form 2017-2018

God@Christmas- an advent experience for home missions.

what: God@Christmas– a 30 hour chance to escape the bustle of the Christmas season and reflect on the true message of Christmas.

when: 5 PM  on Thursday, December 21 to 8 PM on Friday December 22!

cost: $85- this covers everything: food, shelter, service projects, adventure!

who: any MS or HS students- bring your friends!

why: See Matthew 28:19-20

I’m sorry- God@Christmas registration is closed at this time, either because the registration period has ended, or we have reached our 150 person max. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email Marissa Joyce. (

FINE PRINT- $25 of the $85 is a non-refundable deposit.  Registrations will open for ONE WEEK, and anyone, ESPECIALLY FRIENDS are welcome to come!  Since much of the money will already be spent, students will owe the full trip balance if they cancel their registration after December 1st.

I realize that I am agreeing to come to God@Christmas on a mission trip, and I will prepare spiritually and mentally to do so. I commit to be a cheerful and willing student and do my best to spread the love of Christ wherever I go.  I agree that I will obey the instructions of leaders, I will have a positive attitude, and I will take responsibilities for my own actions while on this trip. I will not consume alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or use tobacco products while on the 1st Pres God@Christmas trip. I understand that if I violate this agreement, I am subject to disciplinary action, which may include being sent home.


THE CALL: In Luke 2, we are told that there was a star that proclaimed to the whole world that the Christ was born.  But the shepherds who saw the star and beheld the Christ were called to spread the good news first to their own villages– and everyone who heard their story was amazed.   It’s a common Biblical theme that people who encounter the reality of God are called to bear witness to that where they live and work every day.

We feel like God is calling us to do the same thing– to bring his message to Winston-Salem.  We know it won’t be easy.  As Christ says in Luke 4:23- “No prophet is accepted in his own town.”  Yet it is SO important for us to minister where we live!  Why?  Because it is easy to live out your faith for a week on a mission trip, when you know you are soon leaving the state or country.  Living out your faith with the people you see every day is a much harder principle…

The service projects: We are busy booking projects all over the town of Winston-Salem for our trip!  Our emphasis for these projects are places we can serve in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, where students can do hands on projects, and places where our efforts will go far for His Kingdom. If you have any ideas of places where a team of 15 or so students can spend a half day of service, please let us know!   We will be breaking up into teams for the service projects, and we will be busy.

The spiritual side: We are really serious about having God@Christmas be a way for us to have an opportunity to reflect upon the real message of Christmas. We will be taking several opportunities during the trip to stop and reflect on the truth of this message, to worship the Lord, and to thank him for what he has done in our lives in the past year. We will also be focusing on how to integrate our faith into how we live our lives on a daily basis, amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.

The fun stuff!  We promise that we are definitely going to have a LOT of fun on this trip… after all, the heavenly hosts were proclaiming joy to the world– so we are planning to be very joyful on our trip!  We are going to keep our exact plans a mystery for fun’s sake but let’s just say we will be playing some crazy games, singing some carols, and eating some great food!