Friday, January 26 | 7pm | 1st Pres Sanctuary & Narthex

Featured Speakers

Sasan Tavassoli | “The Faces of Islam”
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Marilyn Borst | “The Good News Behind the Headlines: Christ at Work in the Islamic World”
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Sasan Tavassoli | “The Movement of the Holy Spirit in Iran and Beyond”
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Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in the world and share a historical and traditional connection, but there are major theological differences between the two religions. The two faiths share a common place of origin in the Middle East, and consider themselves to be monotheistic, but they are diametrically opposed when it comes to an understanding of the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

In recent years, Islamic terrorists claiming allegiance to Allah have wreaked havoc on the world with violence. What are we making of all of this, and how is God working through faithful Christians in the Islamic world today?

On Friday night, January 26 at 7pm in the Sanctuary, First Pres will host an evening in which we will consider “Christianity and the Islamic World”. Sassan Tavassoli, an Iranian convert to Christianity from Islam, and Marilyn Borst, both with the Presbyterian Outreach Foundation, will be our featured speakers at this dynamic event. Come hear how Christianity is making a difference in the Middle East and reports from the field of the Christian revival that is taking place in the Islamic World.
God is moving in dramatic ways. Come hear what the Holy Spirit is doing.