Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know your neighbors a little better? What if your church provided you a little incentive to do so? As a church, we believe God has placed us downtown for a purpose. However, we also believe God has placed you in the neighborhood where you live for a purpose! Jesus says that His followers are the light of the world, and you carry the light with you in the place where you live! God is bringing his love into the world through His people, the church, and you are called to bring His peace and love into the places where you go. This shouldn’t be intimidating—it just means treating people like Jesus would!

The Outreach & Evangelism Committee of First Pres knows that while treating your neighbors like Jesus would sounds great, but how do we do it? And, on top of that, sometimes getting to know your neighbors can be tough! So we’re proposing a challenge: Grab a friend (or two).  Invite your neighbors. LET US PAY FOR IT.
It’s that simple.

We are challenging First Pres members to throw parties for their neighbors, and we’re willing to fund up to $300. The only requirements are that you let us know who’s going to help you (at least one other friend from your area, preferably another First Pres member) and how you’re going to invite your neighbors.

Sign up here! Got questions, email Petey Crowder at PeteyC@1stPres.com.

Need help? Download our resources:
1. Sample Party Invitation 2. Sample Planning Party List