Our great joy as disciples is to follow Jesus, becoming like Jesus who loved God and others with all His heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Lent is a season in the church year, from Ash Wednesday to Easter, when we more deeply reflect on our journey to follow Jesus.  During Lent, we take time to let the Lord examine us, asking the Spirit to show us the ways in which our sin and attachments keep us from following the Lord.  We also take up practices that allow the Lord space to loosen our attachments to sin and lesser loves so we may follow Him more faithfully.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  We gather in worship as a community to focus on Jesus’ journey to the cross, a journey born out of love for us.  We gather to focus on our own journeys to follow Jesus, asking the Lord to continue His transforming work in us through the season of Lent.  The Ash Wednesday service includes the imposition of ashes.  The ashes are a powerful visual reminder that we are mortal and that our sins lead to death.  The ashes, imposed in the shape of the cross, are also a powerful witness that we are forgiven for our sins through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and that through him we are given new life.  When we bow our heads to receive ashes, it is a physical sign of our repentance and our willingness to let God make us new day-by-day as we follow Jesus.

We hope that you join the church community at our Ash Wednesday service:  March 1 @ 6:30pm.  Childcare is provided (infant through PreK).  There is an optional dinner beforehand, served 5:30-6:20pm in the Fellowship Hall (please rsvp for dinner by February 27 online or 723-1621, x221).

Peace of Christ,
Rev. Amy Carlan